About Us

Each one of us is a unique individual, but all of us are interested in others opinions.

We prefer to go shopping with friends as we always want to ask for advice and get some feedback on what's better suits you, what's cooler? So, why online shopping should be any different from that?

We know that it’s incredibly boring and time-consuming to read a numerous reviews, compare ratings and stars! We would just love to get a quick advice from those who already know what’s best to choose.

And the difficulty of choosing is often the cause of headaches. =)

That's why we launched Bonapick, the brand new online shopping experience.

Once you have decided to buy something and checked all of the options, just create a new poll or ‘Bonapick’ to receive the opinion of people who have bought that or a similar item. Basically, our system asks experts –consumers like you – to provide highly valuable opinions within the appropriate product category. It's like shopping with friends or experts in the store.

You can also help others make a better choice and earn your expert rating along with cool bonuses if your vote was decisive for a purchase.

Welcome to truly assertive shopping, Bonluck!